These are my images. It has taken me years of hard labour to learn how to create beautiful photographs. So don’t steal them! If I have given you permission to use then, great, go ahead and use but permission is always given on the understanding that credit is given where due (make up artists, models, assistants and anyone else who has helped realise the art).


Fashion photography is a complex discipline to master, beauty, look book and editorial photography may look easy. But it always involves a lot of investment: the team, the photographer, the concept and the execution.


Location photography costs money. Studio photography costs money. The fashion photos on this site represent significant investment in cash.  Copy and paste or downloading and displaying images without permission is theft.


If you do not have permission or a license: shame on you! I will use the full force of the law to protect my rights. This includes but is not limited to: Investigative Costs, Legal Council, Court Costs, Damages, Loss of Income through both licence fees and my time pursuing the case (at £1,500 per day).


So think very carefully before you steal my work.

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